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Education courses

individual and collective

It's never too late to introduce your dog

Whether young or old, at the arrived home at 8 weeks or when leaving a shelter at_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_8 years old, it's always time to introduce your dog through positive methods.
Cliker, shaping, lure, etc., a lot of patience and kindness, the Qanittak team is here to help you!

Individual Education Course 

Individual lessons take place at your home, outdoors or in a place adapted to your dog's problem. 

During the 1st meeting we will establish together an assessment and a program to achieve the desired objectives. The individual course allows a program adapted to your dog and your needs.

Success is linked to the complicity between the master and the dog. A few drops of perseverance, a pinch of patience and regularity without forgetting a lot of love!!!

  • Duration :

    • 1st assessment appointment 1h30 to 2h

    • ​ Classic course approximately 1h​

  • Price: 

    • 1st assessment meeting 70€​

    • Unit lesson 50€

    • Package 5 sessions 200€

What to plan for the session:

  • a collar (excluding chain, strangler or semi or spiked collar) 

  • a leash and or lead,

  • treats appreciated by your dog and or his favorite toy.

categorized dogs must wear their muzzle.

cours educ

Home of the puppy

You have a little ball of hair coming into your home but you are a little lost. We will cover common topics so that you can get the most out of your little puppy:

  • food

  • The cleanliness

  •  The basics of education

  •  Socialization

  • His well-being

  •  Communication

  • Duration: approximately 1h30, the session takes place at your home

  • Price: 70€

bebes husky

Behavioral assessment

The assessment takes place at your home so that you can meet and see your companion in his element. Many questions are to be asked to find where the annoying behavior of your animal comes from and especially to accompany you to find solutions. We will take stock of your dog's daily life and the problems encountered. Depending on the issue, we can address the following topics: 

  • Food 

  • Socialization

  •  Inter and intraspecific communication

  • Inter and intraspecific aggression

  • Education issuesThe uncleanliness....

The assessments may lead to group or individual lessons depending on the problem.

  • Duration: approximately 1h30, the session takes place at your home

  • Price: 70€




Dog Grooming

For over 8 years Estelle has been grooming dogs of all breeds and sizes. 

Whether your dog is short-haired or long-haired, he grooms himself.

  • Bath, detangling

  • mowing

  • scissor cut

  • Hand and stone waxing

  • Stripping

  • Price: from 50€

appointments are made by making contact in order torespond  at your best at your request.


Animal mediation


mediation animale

Bite prevention

The 3rd cause of domestic accidents is dog bites.

Many accidents could be avoided by simple gestures if they had been taught.

Teach the members of your company, the children of your school or your leisure center to decode the language of dogs to avoid many accidents!

  • Program and duration: to be defined over one or more sessions. Contact us for a tailor-made program.

  • Location: your establishment

  • Prices: contact us

Intervention with soft toys to replace places where dogs are prohibited​

prevention morsure


Want to see Santa Claus arrive by sleigh on the day of your Christmas tree in your company. 

You want to liven up your Christmas market with an original activity. 

A need to unite your team around a team building activity that is off the beaten track.

Arrival at the church or town hall, bachelor/bachelorette party, school groups, summer camp...

The Qanittak team and all our dogs are at your disposal to make even your craziest ideas come true 

  • Program and duration:   sur mesure.

  • Location: to be defined 

  • Prices: contact us

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