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Cani  scooter

A feeling of sliding but on land

Come and discover the scooter differently.
Pulled by one or two dogs, the cani scooter is a sport à sensation where you can have fun quickly...
To try urgently!

cani-trotinette husky

Cani scooter discovery

Discover the scooter towed by a sled dog on the slopes of Mont Vaucluse.


Session details

Cani scooter

Duration: 1h30 

For this activity, a short theoretical and practical training will be provided for the well-being of the dogs and the handling of the all-terrain scooters used.

Location: Cabrieres d'Avignon


80€ per person

Mandatory outfit and accessories

Bring   bicycle helmet, gloves,   long pants, non-slip shoes,   bottle of water

the activity can be practiced most of the year except very hot weather, the schedules can be arranged, often early in the morning for the well being of the dogs
Our priority being the well-being of our dogs, the musher reserves the right to adapt or postpone a service depending on the weather conditions and the physical and mental state of the dogs.

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